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Conscious Engagement: The human-centered AI approach of Symend

Conscious Engagement AI approach

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the center of corporate efficiency, innovation, and productivity conversations. We believe in the power of AI, but we also believe in the immense power of Human Intelligence (HI). How do we balance both and ensure that the AI complements our HI? It starts with a human centered approach, or what we have termed, Conscious Engagement. 

Understanding Conscious Engagement

Conscious Engagement is the combination of data science, behavioral science and technology. At Symend, our AI and HI are embedded throughout the entire journey with ongoing learning and development by our team of experts. 

Our behavioral scientists leverage experimentation, academic literature, and billions of behavioral attributes to inform customer experiences. Our data scientists then take that data, anonymize, aggregate, and analyze it to understand performance and opportunities. Symend’s technology then uses that AI-embedded expertise to suggest content, channels, and best next steps to create positive customer engagement that fosters relationships.  

That sounds simple when stated above but when AI and HI are complementing each other, it creates a deeply individualized experience. Now, let’s explore how AI fits alongside our experts within our Conscious Engagement solution. 

The role of AI assistants

Across industries, businesses are reaping the benefits of embedding AI within workstreams and solutions. Whether it is Microsoft Co-Pilot supporting your productivity, or your Spotify DJ knowing exactly what song you want to play next (hopefully!), AI is now a part of our lives. But how have we applied AI within our solution? It starts with two layers: analytical and generative. 

Our analytical layer builds engagement strategies based on human interactions, using data to suggest the best paths forward. Then, using the suggestions of the analytical AI layer, the generative AI layer creates tailored outreaches aligned with individual goals. Also, it allows for ongoing experimentation while identifying opportunities to further improve the performance of campaigns. 

AI in action

We are continually innovating and uncovering new ways to include AI within our Conscious Engagement solution to drive additional value for our clients. As it stands today, Symend has embedded AI in the following ways: 

Engagement Optimization Assistant: Develops and optimizes targeted, data-driven strategies that reflect the diversity of the audience – without months of manual analysis.   

Content Assistant: Generates content for emails, text messages, and landing pages to increase content variety, conduct content-effectiveness experiments, and support entirely new use cases.   

Customer Feedback Analyzer: Accelerates the interpretation of customer responses to inform engagement strategies. It empowers our team to design engagement strategies that respond based on the added awareness of situational cues and customer satisfaction. 

With these tools, the solution delivers the right message, through the right channel, at the right time, and with the right tone. This ensures that engagement strategies resonate deeply with your customers, leading to increased engagement, loyalty, and revenue. 

A human approach

The truth is…both AI and HI are capable of biases. We believe they need to complement each other, working together to responsibly normalize and humanize the approach. Treating people like people while driving your desired goals is possible but it requires a Conscious Engagement approach.  

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