The Financial Journey
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The Science of Engagement

At Symend, we take a dramatically different perspective on debt recovery and a new approach to at-risk customers. Combining behavioral science and advanced analytics, our engagement platform helps service providers and financial institutions develop positive, individualized treatment programs that engage customers and build loyalty.

We recognize that the customer is more than a “transaction” or money left on the table. They are complex human beings on a journey that may hit some bumps and potholes along the way.

Symend’s science-driven digital engagement platform enables service providers and financial institutions to better engage their at-risk customers with empathy, contributing to the dignity and welfare of individuals while building lifelong value for the company and the brand.

Benefits of a Positive Customer Engagement
    Positively engaged consumers are more likely to self-treat and remain customers after recovery
  • Higher Recovery Rates
    Better communication means faster, more productive recovery and ultimately lowers bad debt
  • Protect Your Brand
    Individualized treatment options lead to better experiences which protects brands
  • Lower Operating Costs
    Higher collections efficiency and productivity helps reduce operations expense costs
The Symend Solution

Symend’s digital engagement platform combines behavioral science, AI and machine learning to provide a simple, personalized experience that empowers your customers to take desired actions while improving your NPS scores and retention KPIs.

An improved past-due experience restores the customer’s dignity, reduces churn and promotes a positive relationship with your brand.

Symend Cares
Managing unexpected events through our science-based digital
engagement solution
In the current challenging times felt worldwide, companies are faced with making decisions rapidly to support their customers, employees and business goals. Symend’s priority is to empower our clients to strategically, thoughtfully and empathetically engage with their customers during unforeseen events. We help our clients manage immediate and future situations through behavioral science-based digital treatment strategies that are agile, flexible and scalable.
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What Our Clients Say

Symend’s solution improves the engagement process across consumer and business accounts in a way that legacy systems and processes can’t do. Our personalized approach helps to optimize treatment plans and improve the past-due experience for your customers, reducing churn.

“We have used Symend to implement tactics that have materially reduced collections-related churn of our customers.”
“Despite my initial skepticism of the impact we could make optimizing collections—Symend truly impressed.”
— Payment Solutions Manager
“Our partnership with Symend helped evolve our thinking that collections is not just about debt.”
— Collections Strategy Manager