Why choose Conscious Engagement

Perception = reality. Make sure that what your customers perceive is what you want them to know.

What you’ll gain:

With over 100M outreaches and 5B behavioral science-based attributes, we understand your customers.

Our data science, behavioral science and customer service experts deliver rapid onboarding that’s easy for you and your team.

Drive the outcomes that matter most to your team. Delivering 6x industry conversion rates and 91% average audience engagement to foster loyalty.

Be the business that customers follow

Knowing and using your customers’ names is not enough. Conscious Engagement delivers industry-leading conversion rates, positive customer experiences and enhanced brand affinity through deeply personalized outreaches.

Top use cases:

Past-due bill recoveries and cures.
Cart abandonment
Cross-sell and upsell
Call center offload

Conscious Engagement Playbooks

Our proven engagement strategies are optimized for specific use cases and points in the customer journey. Based on millions of interactions and behavioral and data science insights, playbooks produce richer relationships through every customer interaction.

Move beyond the industry standard and create the personalized experiences your customers expect

Behavioral Science

Symend moves beyond demographic and transactional segmentation. Symend’s consumer engagement archetypes consider psychology and human behavior as the starting point for real, effective human-like communication.

Data Science

Symend eliminates the need for A/B testing. Through data, we know how to best engage with individuals before the first communication is sent. No A/B testing means we can optimize for 100% of your audience.


Symend uses “Rapid Optimization” and look-a-like modelling to constantly evaluate, test, and learn contact preferences to match individuals with the right communication archetype and engagement channel for the specific moment.

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