Why we’re different

Symend’s state-of-the-art platform applies proven behavioral science methodologies that deliver effective strategies with ease.

Symend’s Behavioral Engagement Platform™

Your customers expect to engage with you digitally more than ever before. Yet, they are bombarded with countless messages.

As a result, your customers are prioritizing their digital engagements for relevancy and value-add, ignoring the rest.

With Symend’s Behavioral Engagement Platform™, break through the digital noise with a solution that is as sophisticated and effective as it is simple and agile.

Hyper-personalized interactions lead to higher engagement rates

Build a campaign to match your needs and your customers’ needs

Leverage Symend’s ready-to-use Behavioral Engagement Playbooks to build an engagement strategy proven to get results. You can also choose to work with Symend’s Professional Services to develop or adapt playbooks unique to your specific business objectives.

Optimize your campaigns and outreaches

Access Symend’s library of 55+ behavioral science concepts, like empathy or loss aversion, to ensure each outreach in your engagement strategy is fully optimized.

Provide each customer with a hyper-personalized journey

Create a unique customer experience based on their behaviors, which adapts as your customers interact with the platform.

Leverage granular, audience-based segmentation

Retain next-level personalization via behavioral clustering and segmentation that accelerate results as current and future customers engage with the platform.

Monitor campaign progress

Consistently receive insights and long-term benchmarking – our reports are based on the impact of engagement not volume of outreaches.

Optimized results through continuous learning

Continual optimization

Produce richer insights and better results that compound through every customer interaction.

Powerful AI and Machine Learning

Dynamic, multi-campaign orchestration and powerful artificial intelligence throughout the customer journey.

Advanced reporting and analytics

Transparency into campaign metrics that visualize the impact of engagement on your KPIs, as well as reporting compliance requirements for regulatory bodies.

Scale smarter, faster and more efficiently

Conduct high-volume, high-velocity testing and experimentation to continuously learn, optimize and iterate based on your customers’ changing needs over time.

Scale across your customer lifecycle stages and your company’s product and service lines.

Accelerate onboarding and reduce IT overhead with software that augments your existing platforms and systems with little disruption to current business processes in place.

Behavioral Engagement Playbooks™

Powered by the Symend Platform, our Behavioral Engagement Playbooks are proven engagement strategies that are modular, scientific solutions optimized to solve specific business problems at various points in the customer journey.

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