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Symend Cure: Engage with empathy

Our delinquency solution drives better business results and improves your past due customer experience.

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Higher cure rates start with adaptive digital engagement

Companies worldwide are facing declining returns when engaging with customers. The more messages you send, the worse your results. Break through the noise by connecting with your customers with fewer, more effective messages that drive greater impact.

*Metrics may vary by industry.

Symend Cure benefits

Resolve past due accounts more efficiently

Whether a customer is behind by 2-days, 30-days, 90-days or more, we have a proven strategy to engage at the right time, resulting in fewer suspensions, cancellations and write-offs.

Put your customers first

We create positive experiences when customers need them most. When past due bills are resolved before reaching collections, your customers keep using the services they love and need.

Adapt as customer change™

We use behavioral science to inform algorithms and identify relationships between behavior and sentiment to continuously optimize the way you interact with your customers in good times and bad.

Create customers for life

We’re invested in the long-term financial wellness of your customers and their long-term relationship with you. That’s why we use science to not only empower customers to stay caught up on their bills so they fall behind less over time, but also to retain customers by turning difficult conversations into positive ones.

Behavioural Engagement Playbooks™

Powered by Symend’s Technology, our Behavioral Engagement Playbooks are proven engagement strategies that are modular, scientific solutions optimized to solve specific business problems at various points in the customer journey.

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