Empower with insight

Deeply understand your customers and empower them to interact with your brand using behavioral science and data-driven insight.

Customers expect more from the brands they trust. Get the competitive edge you need to stand out.

Unmatched personalization rooted in a deep understanding of your customers

Highly engaged customers who stay with you long-term

Always optimized to stay in sync with changing behavior and unexpected events

Performance fully captured with unified data

Deep, actionable insights allow you to deliver powerful experiences through the eyes of the customer. All data is consolidated into a single source of truth, so you get the full picture of how accounts are performing across all brands and lines of business.

Brand experiences backed by science

We conduct rapid experimentation in-house to shape our behavioral strategies including biometrics, web testing and field testing. These insights are applied to our platform to build positive brand experiences that show your customers you understand.

Personalized engagements in real-time

Orchestrate outreaches based on customer behavior and data

Confidently share the right message, at the right time, through the right channel

Never stop improving with always-on outreaches and automated workflows

Stronger insights, better decisions

  • Be the first to know when customer behavior changes so you can respond rapidly
  • Get the most out of your data with reports and data-driven insights built for you
  • Understand the impact of your results over time based on benchmark analysis
  • Understand performance across business units to guide decision making
  • Extract actionable insights in collaboration with our team of in-house experts

Optimized results through continuous learning

We apply insights from engaging millions of customers across various industries to help you better understand your customers at an accelerated rate.

Systematic optimization across the platform is grounded in data-driven insights, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve your ROI year over year. Using behavioral science to inform algorithms, we continuously identify changes in customer behavior and sentiment to improve results.

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Resolve past due bills faster with Symend Cure

Drive better business results and improve the lives of your past due customers with personalized, digital-first engagements that build brand loyalty, improve cure rates and empower customers to catch up on bills before reaching collections.

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Find out how Symend can help you adapt as customers change