Engage with empathy

Drive better business results and improve your past due customer experience.

Personalized, digital-first engagements are proven to create positive experiences that build brand loyalty, improve cure rates and empower customers to catch up on bills before reaching collections. 

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Consistently deliver the positive experience your customers expect

Financial setbacks don’t last, but satisfied customers do. You don’t have to sacrifice the positive brand experience you’ve worked so hard to build. Empowered customers are more inclined to catch up on past due bills and continue to engage with your brand long-term.

Give a little, get a lot. Show your customers that you understand their needs by providing flexible payment options that go above and beyond what they expect.

Reach customers based on their preferences with empathetic, multi-language payment reminders sent via digital channels, like email and SMS. Every aspect of the engagement is an opportunity to increase satisfaction.

Your brand is priceless, and consistency is key. That’s why all outreaches are sent on behalf of your brand. Using our brand builder tool, you constantly control customer communications with seamless collaboration, approvals and publishing.

Understand the science behind what resonates with your customers

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning model continuously optimizes strategies based on customer interactions to drive results.

Better predict outreach effectiveness

By drawing on our extensive library of proven behavioral science strategies and testing treatment outreaches before they’re sent to your customers, we help you better predict what will resonate.

Respond to changing sentiment

We use Natural Language Processing models to capture and categorize sentiment from customer responses to determine future strategies based on the interaction with the customer.

High density experimentation to accelerate outcomes

Multi-variate analysis and rapid experimentation allow us to identify and adapt to changing customer behavior and ensure outreaches are always optimized based on numerous variables including channel, sequence, timing, behavioral attributes and offers.

Complex customer treatment strategies orchestrated with unmatched simplicity

Treatment strategies as unique as the customers you serve, with seamless orchestration that accelerates the path between you and your goals.

Using our simple treatment flow diagrams, you can visualize the endless paths we’ve built for highly unique variations in behavior to cure more customers faster.

Our highly dynamic treatment campaigns are executed in real-time based on the way the customer interacts with an outreach. This lowers your operating costs by reducing inbound calls.

Whether a customer is behind by 2-days, 30-days, 90-days, or more, we have a proven strategy that digitally engages customers at the right time, resulting in fewer suspensions, cancellations and write-offs.

Higher cure rates start with industry leading engagement

*Symend serves global enterprises in telecommunications, financial services, utilities and media. Metrics may vary by industry.

Want to find out how we can help you increase digital engagement and achieve higher cure rates with lower operating costs? Connect with us to request customized projections based on your industry and unique business needs.

Compliance and security for peace of mind

We uphold the highest standards of compliance that matter to your business. Our platform adapts to your unique compliance requirements to ensure you’re always aligned with regulations and audit ready.

Adhere to regulatory requirements around service suspensions, end-of-service and same day compliance notifications so customers know if the services they rely on could be affected.

Rest assured that every email and SMS outreach sent is accessible through long-term archiving.

Data is one of your most valuable assets. We’re purpose built to satisfy enterprise data requirements, protect your data and ensure data isolation to meet your compliance needs.

Better decisions driven by data

Using insights gained from engaging millions of consumers, we help you rapidly develop a deep understanding of your customers to empower them to act and drive treatment effectiveness.

High velocity insights adapt to changing behavior

We generate unique customer insights at a high velocity which are combined with historical data to tailor strategies and outreaches to unique customer preferences.

Track digital treatment performance

Gauge campaign performance through various treatment paths and track the KPIs that are most important to your business with standardized and custom reporting options.

Expand your in-house expertise with strategic insights

Our behavioral scientists, data scientists, data analysts and industry experts collaborate with you to provide tailored recommendations that deliver optimal outcomes for you and your customers.

Powered by the Symend Platform

Get the competitive edge you need to stand out by deeply understanding your customers and what empowers them to interact with your brand.

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Resolve past due bills faster, keep customers longer.