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Symend’s Behavioral Engagement Playbooks™

Access modular building blocks that enable you to leverage proven engagement strategies to meet your targets.

Playbook profile: Consumer service providers

Help your customers resolve past due bills using a tested behavioral engagement strategy that leverages your existing risk classification.

Using empathetic and tailored messaging, our campaigns help customers when they need it most. By encouraging payment and nudging customers toward digital payment solutions, you can reduce OPEX and strengthen customer relationships. Campaigns span from the initial past due phase to service cancellation.

Symend Playbooks

Past Due: Business

Reduce OPEX and help your business customers resolve their past due bills using a digital behavioral engagement strategy tailored to their business size.

Past Due: Large Outstanding Balance

Drive desired customer outcomes to help your most at-risk customers pay down their outstanding account balances with focused messaging and unique payment solutions.

Failed Credit Card

Help your customers resolve payment processing errors and prevent order delays by using targeted messaging that encourages immediate resolution.

Past Due: Alternative Lending

Help your customers resolve their debt on unsecured personal loans with tailored, empathetic messaging that nudges them toward self-service options and reduces OPEX.

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Need something unique to your business needs? Our team of experts can work with you and provide recommendations and support to customize your engagement strategies.

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Work with our team of subject matter experts to create a new playbook unique to your business needs and customer preferences.

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