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Over 300 billion emails and six billion texts are sent daily. Breaking through the noise requires a new approach. It requires Conscious Engagement.


91% audience engagement for faster, higher engagement rates


Up to 6X conversion for faster, higher conversion rates


Up to 45% OpEx reduction for pre-emptive inbound call deflection

Increased loyalty & revenue

Reputation, referral & cross sell

Why Symend

Before Symend:

Your customer engagement scores are declining. Your budgets are decreasing. And you’re being asked to deliver revenue goals more efficiently.  

After Symend:

Your team is strengthened by data and behavioral science experts. Your customer engagement scores are improving. And most importantly, you’re beating your revenue targets efficiently. A sense of tranquility has set in.

2 – 3

reduction in roll rates to +90-day delinquencies


higher click-through rate vs. industry benchmark


improvement in cure rate for alternative lenders

Hear from our customers:

Top 5 Canadian financial institution

– Unmanageable rise in delinquency-related call volumes
– Avoiding damaging customer relationships
– Minimizing operating expenses

Deployed Symend Cure to offer a digital-first, customer-focused experience that supports past due customers. Using behavioral science-based tactics and offering an empathetic approach to communications empowered customers to catch up on bills before reaching collections.

With open rates of 55% and click rates of 36%, Symend was rapidly adopted across multiple use cases. Today, we serve: credit cards, personal line of credit, homeowner line of credit, student line of credit and auto loans with Conscious Engagement. 

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Symend’s security pledge

At Symend, we have a holistic approach to security. We adhere to industry standard frameworks like NIST and ISO 27001 and apply standard IAM concepts like RBAC and least privilege. We are dedicated to meeting compliance and regulatory requirements and delivering security you can trust.  

Move beyond the industry standard and create the personalized experiences your customers expect