Through Symend’s solution, enterprises in telecommunications, financial services, media and utilities are realigning their paradigm for engaging customers with past due bills. Our digital engagement platform enables you to redefine your strategy for approaching customers who have fallen behind to focus on the individual and on long-term customer engagement. 

Our data proves that early and personalized digital interactions lead to more effective and efficient desired customer actions. Symend combines workflow and campaign automation with proven approaches in behavioral science to drive higher engagement rates.

An improved past-due experience restores the customer’s dignity, reduces churn and promotes a positive relationship with your brand.

Our Solution Achieves Results

Positively engaged customers are more empowered to act and are less likely to fall far behind. The reality for many organizations is legacy technology stacks and static engagement channels limit the ability to engage customers to take meaningful action. Symend helps clients to find the optimal point in the customer journey to drive the biggest impact with the least amount of friction to engage with past due customers. 

  • Our solution has treated millions of customers across North America
  • Our clients see substantially increased engagement rates utilizing personalized digital tools
  • We help our clients achieve 5x to 15x in-year ROI
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How it’s Done

Digital engagement automates positive customer experiences that result in higher cure rates. We work with our clients to ensure that we are testing, iterating and innovating the treatment process to drive the right behavior and actions from past-due customers.

  • Treatment Strategies
    • Incorporates behavioral science customized to your customers’ motivators
  • ROI
    • Increase self-cure rates, lower call volumes and reduce third party collections costs
  • Rapid Evaluation
    • Data insights optimize treatment strategies in real-time