The Symend 2022 consumer report:

The latest insights on changing billpayer behavior

Understand what’s driving your customers’ changing behaviors and explore the science of more effective engagement.

The report findings

The report findings

We surveyed billpayers from the US and Canada to find out what they’re experiencing right now and how they expect things to change in the next 12 months. The findings are eye opening:


feel exhausted by screen time


are overwhelmed by decisions


have increasing money worries

Three barriers to engagement are driving changing consumer behavior

Digital fatigue:
Mental and physical exhaustion caused by excessive time on digital devices.

Decision fatigue:
A state of cognitive overload that impedes a person’s ability to effectively evaluate and make decisions.

Scarcity mindset:
When perceived or real resource limitations, perhaps on time or money, inhibit a person’s ability to effectively make decisions and prioritize.

Our research report

  • Why billpayers are being driven to ignore messages, switch off notifications and get rid of providers.
  • How digital fatigue, decision fatigue and scarcity mindset interrelate and compound to drive changing behaviors.
  • What you can do to break the resulting vicious cycle – then effectively engage your customers and build stronger relationships.

Expert insights

Symend behavioral scientist Aneesha Nilakantan, PhD, discusses key report findings, and how they can help you overcome obstacles to engagement.

A report snapshot

Over half (56%) of billpayers are struggling to make positive decisions. Find out why, and what you can do to help them, in our snapshot infographic.

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