1. Why do you use the terms “cure” and “treatment”?
    These are collections industry terms that our clients understand and use in their daily business. Many organizations have Credit and Collections departments, and this is the language that they speak. In order to help these organizations solve the problem of engaging with their past-due customers with empathy and understanding, we need to demonstrate that we understand their business.

  2. Some of the collection industry terms are uncomfortable. Do you see these changing any time soon?
    Symend is dedicated to transforming the debt collection space, and this includes reshaping the terms used to describe people that have fallen behind on their bills and the process the go through to bring their account up to date. In fact, we are conducting research about how people perceive collections terms and asking for input on different words to scientifically gauge people’s reactions to certain words. We are excited to help shape the future of the debt collections industry.

  3. How is Symend different from traditional collections?
    Symend is not collections. Symend’s solution is uniquely positioned in the past-due continuum to engage with customers who have fallen behind to ensure they are never sent to a third-party collections agency. Leveraging behavioral science and advanced analytics, our solution searches for the best way to help and encourage customers to make payments and self-cure using empathy and understanding. Our research proves that this is the most effective way to engage with customers, bring their accounts up to date and ensure they remain a valued customer to an organization.

Terminology we use:


Cure means to bring all past-due payments, including late charges or other fees, current.

Self Cure

Self-cure happens when a customer cures (makes payments to be current) without human interaction. This means that the customer pays their outstanding balance electronically. Examples of this could be through a vendor’s website that accepts digital payments, or though a mechanism like online banking.