Looking for a job you can feel good about?

Symend’s digital engagement platform uses behavioral science and data-driven insights to empower customers to resolve past due bills.

We are driven to be disruptive

Uncharted territory takes hard work and intensity, but it also creates an immense, positive and lasting impact on our clients, their customers and our team. We are a team of high performers with passion who push each other and hold each other accountable to achieving the impossible. We do our best work collectively, leaving our egos at the door.

Vision & Mission

Symend’s vision is to transform the science of engagement on a global scale.

Symend believes in changing at-risk customers from transactions into people, combining science and compassion to create lifelong relationships.

Diversity & Inclusion

Symend strives to hire, foster and retain top talent with diverse backgrounds. We promote an inclusive workplace that values diversity because we know that differences in opinions, thoughts and experiences build better teams. We encourage every team member to lead with empathy and make each other feel welcome, valued and engaged so that we can all reach our full potential.

Benefits & Perks

Competitive salary

Comprehensive health plans

4 weeks paid vacation

Employee stock options

RRSP/401K matching

Learning and development

Our Leadership Principles

We believe in the power of strong leaders. Our leadership program, Elevate, is focused on developing both emerging and senior leaders so we can build stronger teams and achieve better results.

Lead with why

Our momentum is most powerful when we own our values, keeping our eyes and hearts set on our “why”. You know every Symender has a unique connection to the work we do and is motivated differently. That’s why you ensure each team member clearly understands how they can contribute to our vision and best serve our clients, their customers and each other.

Amplify impact

Every day is game seven. All eyes are on you, and all challenges are faced head on. You want your team to own their impact which is why you know when to guide your team, and when to direct them. Impact is accelerated and amplified when you clear the path to results by demonstrating decisiveness, and teaching decisiveness.

Insights to action

People look to you because you are a strategic and data-driven leader. Your unique insights help you identify, analyze and carve out impactful opportunities to contribute to our audacious goals. Whether you are solving complex problems or navigating change, you empower your team through understanding and awareness.

Foster growth

The power of many is much greater than the power of one. You help your team unlock breakthrough ideas and innovation by tapping into the true power of collaboration – diversity of thought and experience. You champion growth and nurture outcomes by understanding and delivering what your team wants and needs to succeed.

Empower by example

You know there is no such thing as backstage, which is why your team can always expect consistency and transparency from you. You have a deep understanding of yourself and know how to manage the way you engage with others. Your consistent communication and clarity create an environment for your team to make mistakes, while clearing barriers to results.


Symend is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta with global operations across Canada, the United States and Latin America.

Suite 1700, 411 1 Street SE
Calgary AB T2G 4Y5

Suite 403 – 47 Colborne Street
Toronto, ON M5E 1E3

201 Columbine St. Suite 300
Denver CO 80206