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TRMA Fall 2021 Virtual Meeting Recap

TRMA Fall 2021 Virtual Meeting

Leaders in the telecommunications industry came together at the Telecommunications Risk Management Association (TRMA) Fall 2021 Virtual Meeting from October 13-14, 2021. With presentations ranging from post-COVID consumer engagement to consumer credit trends, the educational sessions brought forward the latest insights into key topics important to the telco industry. In addition to educational sessions, TRMA offered networking throughout the 2-day event for attendees to exchange ideas and foster new and old connections alike. On October 13, 2021, Symend spoke at the Telecommunications Risk Management Association (TRMA) Fall 2021 Virtual Meeting. During our session and panel discussion we discussed key insights on consumer expectations and digital fatigue from our post-COVID report. Carmine Maurizio, Product Evangelist at Symend, and Trudi Chalmers, former Director of Behavioral Science at Symend, provided an overview of the report, which was followed by a panel discussion featuring Pedro Maya, Vice-President Credit Operations & Fraud Management at Rogers Communications.

During this discussion Symend revealed:

  • The underlying perceptions and attitudes driving changing consumer behavior post-COVID
  • How to improve retention by taking a proactive approach to addressing key changes in consumer behavior
  • How to reduce the long-term, negative impacts customers may experience as they adjust to their new normal
  • How consumer expectations have changed as it relates to digital tools and service offerings
  • How digital fatigue is impacting consumer engagement
  • What messaging will resonate most with consumers moving forward

What if you understood the underlying attitudes and perceptions that are driving these changes, and the long-term impact on engagement and repayment patterns? Watch the recording of Symend’s TRMA session to find out.