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Thriving in a Time of Uncertainty: How Symend raised $52M During a Pandemic

Hanif Joshaghani CEO fireside chat

Symend’s CEO and Co-Founder, Hanif Joshaghani, joins a fireside chat with Plug and Play’s CEO and Founder, Saeed Amidi, to share how he raised $52M USD during a pandemic and overcame adversity after living in multiple refugee camps as a child.

From being born during the Iranian revolution, to living in multiple refugee camps until the age of 13, Hanif shares how he made a promise to not let history repeat itself after he lived and breathed the struggle of being harassed by debt collectors. Hanif will never forget the moment he was working at a car wash and was approached by a lawyer in a Lincoln who shared his path to success with him. It was in that eyeopening moment that he knew he wanted to do whatever it took to give his family a better life.

Symend was launched after eight months of rigorous research to understand the problems that customers face, discover key players in the system and seek existing solutions. Since 2016, Hanif has led Symend’s vision of transforming the science of customer engagement on a global scale.

“You have to understand the full extent of the problem you are trying to address before building a product,” Hanif said. “If we hadn’t done all the work up front, there is no way we would be where we are today having been able to pivot in different directions given the circumstances.”

Fast forward to today, Hanif shares how COVID-19 has pushed him to reimagine how to continue scaling remotely while ensuring employees are happy, supported and motivated to work harder than ever as the company faces rapid growth across North America.

Watch the fireside chat to learn more about:

  • How Symend’s empathetic, humanistic approach fosters customer retention
  • How behavioral science helps drive customer engagement
  • How to become an employer of choice through strong company culture
  • Tips and tricks for fundraising during COVID-19

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