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Symend’s CTO Joins Careers Event to Share Tips for Getting a Job in Tech

Getting a Job in Tech

Symend’s Chief Technology Officer, Dean Skelton, participates in Tech West Collective’s Tech Careers in Alberta event in collaboration with Calgary Economic Development and Technology Calgary to talk about Symend’s culture and offer top tips for getting a job at Symend.

Alberta’s tech ecosystem can’t be internationally recognized if people don’t know who the Alberta tech companies are. Symend’s very own Chief Technology Officer, Dean Skelton, joined the event to discuss what’s happening in Alberta’s technology space. Symend joined forces with Benevity, BlackSquare, RPM Software, Shareworks and Willowglen Systems to make it happen.

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has forced companies to adapt. Thankfully, the pandemic has been a true testament to Symend’s culture. Dean shares how this new normal prompted Symend to preserve its strong company culture, communicate effectively while working remotely and discover new ways of approaching complex problems.

“Symend’s CEO and Co-Founder does a good job of aligning everyone around our mission and evangelizing what we’re doing,” said Dean. “Symend is taking advantage of the opportunity to do something that has never been done before.”

Since Symend’s $52M USD Series B round, Symend went from receiving 15 applicants per role to 800. Dean shared that cover letters are the best tool applicants can use to demonstrate they know what Symend is looking for and prove why they would be a good fit by projecting themselves into the role. Symend is growing very quickly with a commitment to diversity and inclusion and is seeking to fill a variety of roles in product and engineering, finance and accounting, human resources, client success, marketing and strategy.

Symend is currently working with telecommunication providers and financial institutions to help them better engage their financially at-risk customers using its enterprise software powered by behavioral science, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics.

Listen to the virtual event to learn more about:

  • The top tip for getting a job at Symend
  • How to pique interest in an interview
  • Top employee qualities that support Symend’s culture
  • Dean’s commitment to supporting women in tech

Tech West Collective is a group of companies who are committed to making Alberta an internationally recognized tech powerhouse, by developing people, supporting local tech companies and uniting Alberta’s tech ecosystem.