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Symend’s CEO Joins Microsoft Ignite to Discuss the Science of Engagement

Hanif Joshaghani & Microsoft Ignite

Symend’s CEO and Co-Founder, Hanif Joshaghani, attends Microsoft Ignite to reveal best practices that underpin Symend’s enterprise software solution

Hanif proudly presented at Microsoft Ignite 2020, which is an annual Microsoft-hosted conference attended by developers, IT professionals and senior decision-makers who make large-scale purchasing decisions for enterprise tech and security solutions. Ignite is Microsoft’s most important event of the year where attendees get the opportunity to hear from Microsoft experts, MVPs and community members who drive innovation in their industries across the globe. The three-day conference covers a wide range of topics from the unveiling of Microsoft’s products and updates to Microsoft partners’ innovative products and changing the technology landscape. it was a fast-paced event with a lot of exciting new innovations shared across 800 sessions.

Hanif had the opportunity to speak with thousands of technology experts and decision-makers about how Symend’s Azure-based technology helps transform the way large enterprises engage with their financially at-risk customers.

In Hanif’s presentation, Turning Transactions into People: The Science of Customer Engagement, he unpacked the secret sauce to the science of customer engagement. He shared that Symend’s science-driven solution drives customer retention through a personalized, empathetic approach that fosters long-term engagement. Powered by Microsoft Azure, Symend’s solution is equipped with on-demand capacity as well as enterprise-level security to safely manage private and highly sensitive client data. Plus, this in-depth presentation uncovers Symend’s socially driven purpose and future growth projections.

“We started in Canada, but we are now a global company with deployments around the world,” said Hanif. “Being able to deploy our infrastructure where the client requires it was all made possible by Microsoft Azure.”

Watch the presentation to learn more about:

  • How large telecommunication and financial institution clients can reduce their operational footprint and increase customer engagement and retention
  • How Symend’s solution provides a win-win for clients and their customers alike
  • How Microsoft Azure is the backbone of Symend’s enterprise software
  • The values that underpin Symend’s co-founding story