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Symend appoints Matt LaHood as SVP, Science and Analytics Services After 20 Years at FICO

Matt LaHood SVP

Symend expands its behavioral science and advanced analytics capabilities to further its extensive library of customer insights.

Calgary, Alberta – Feb. 4, 2021Symend, a Behavioral Engagement Technology™ that uses behavioral science and data-driven insights to empower customers to resolve past due bills, announced that Matt LaHood has been appointed SVP, Science and Analytics Services. LaHood is an analytics expert who has focused his tenured career on leading teams in the development and delivery of advanced solutions.

Early on in his career at FICO, LaHood helped establish the company’s decision modeling and optimization practice and shaped the methodology that was adopted by clients around the world, including Latin America, Europe and Asia.

As the VP and Head of Custom Analytics for the Americas, LaHood oversaw the implementation and integration of newly developed analytics technology within FICO’s existing software technology. This included real-time optimization of auto loans through a groundbreaking Alternative Deal Structure solution. LaHood was the executive sponsor of award-winning projects including the Collections Treatment Optimization program at Toyota and Regulatory and Compliance at Canadian Tire. During his tenure, he earned numerous internal awards for technology, innovation, financial achievement and top performance.

“Enterprises are seeking ways to advance their analytics and decisioning capabilities to continuously improve the way they engage with their customers,” said LaHood. “By applying behavioral science with advanced analytics, Symend gains in-depth customer insights specific to key decisions that can be applied across the entire customer lifecycle in a way that’s never been done before.”

Symend is quickly becoming a world-class technology and product organization, rooted in behavioral science and advanced analytics, following two other recent executive hires. PehKeong Teh formerly SVP, Marketing Cloud at Salesforce was appointed Chief Product Officer in October 2020. Corey Scobie was appointed Chief Technology Officer in January 2021 following Progress Software’s US$220 million acquisition of Chef Software.

“Symend’s Behavioral Engagement Technology™ capabilities are highly complex, and we are just scratching the surface,” said Hanif Joshaghani, CEO at Symend. “We have made significant investments into our product and technology teams that will undoubtedly unleash the full potential of Symend’s solution, servicing customers at every juncture.”

At Symend, LaHood will lead the Science and Analytics Services team which includes behavioral science, data science and data analytics. The team is comprised of experts with PhDs and Master’s degrees in neuroscience, psychology, mathematical statistics, data science, computer science and information technologies.

LaHood is dedicated to improving client business performance by fueling Symend’s extensive library of proven behavioral science and data-driven insights, while developing and deploying advanced analytics tools on the Symend technology. This will further support Symend’s vision to deliver a world-class client solution, while accelerating the growth of its consumer data technology through continuous in-house research and development. Symend’s research and development efforts involve rapid experimentation with biometrics, web testing and field testing.About Symend

Symend’s Behavioral Engagement Technology™ uses behavioral science and data-driven insights to empower customers to resolve past due bills. Leveraging advanced analytics, Symend provides enterprise clients deep understanding into consumer behavior to engage millions of customers. Symend continuously optimizes these insights and empathetically nudges customers towards a desired action with personalized communications, self-serve tools and flexible repayment options.

Symend’s relationship-based approach keeps enterprises attuned to the changing needs of their customers and empowers them to take action. This increases customer satisfaction, lowers operating costs, and helps resolve past due bills before reaching collections.

Founded in 2016, Symend’s technology is purpose built to serve complex global enterprises in telecommunications, financial services, utilities and media. Symend is headquartered in Calgary and privately held, with global operations across Canada, the United States, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. For more information, please visit https://symend.com/ or follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.


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