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Launching an Employee Learning Portal with Absorb Software

Employee Learning Portal

Symend launches an employee learning portal using Absorb Software’s Calgary-based Learning Management System

Symend believes that opportunities for continuous learning and professional development impact a company’s ability to attract and retain top talent. This month, Symend is implementing an award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) built by Calgary-based software company, Absorb. The portal will enable and empower Symenders to excel in their jobs, while providing resources to advance their skillsets and progress their career goals.

The Symend Learning Portal will provide team members with free, unlimited access to over 1,000 industry standard courses in categories such as information technology, sales and leadership. This will be complemented by company specific courses built by Symend’s in-house instructional design team.

Providing learning opportunities for all career stages and specialties

Symend is committed to creating a culture that people want to be a part of by ensuring that all team members have the support they need for long-term growth. The Symend Learning Portal will benefit employees along their entire journey at the company and across multiple career stages from entry level to leadership. Onboarding will be expedited for new hires and all team members will have opportunities to level-up their skillset, maximize their productivity and work towards future opportunities.

“Giving fast-growing companies like Symend the eLearning tools and support they need to scale without losing momentum is what we do best,” says Mike Owens, CEO at Absorb Software. “It’s inspiring to see another thriving Calgary-based company making the connection between employee development and business longevity, and we’re excited to play a part in keeping Symend—and the city—moving forward.”

How Absorb will help Symend attract and retain top talent

By choosing a world-class solution that serves massive global brands including Sony, Johnson & Johnson and Swarovski, Symend is confident that Absorb LMS will support employees through this period of hyper-growth.

Thanks to Absorb, Symend’s Learning Portal will allow employees to visualize all training requirements and available learning opportunities that will help them keep their skills sharp and relevant. The system is accessible on any device at any time and can be customized to the unique training needs across various specializations.

“At Symend we believe that investing in our team means supporting their professional development and long-term career success,” says Mark Brown, Director, Learning and Development at Symend. “Selecting Absorb’s robust Learning Management System was a natural choice given its extensive access to high quality courses and easy-to-use dashboard that empowers and motivates Symenders to invest time into learning and development.”

Fostering the tech ecosystem

Absorb and Symend are both proud to be headquartered in Calgary. Symend Co-founders Hanif Joshaghani and Tiffany Kaminsky have felt heavily supported in Calgary since Symend launched in 2016 and believe in the power of a strong tech ecosystem. Supporting other local companies benefits and grows the entire tech ecosystem by creating an exciting and thriving place for tech talent and attracting interest from investors and global enterprises.

About Absorb Software

Absorb Software is a learning technology company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with global offices in London, Dublin, Shanghai, Sydney, Boston, Tampa and Salt Lake City. Absorb offers both Absorb Infuse, the first true in-the-flow learning experience, and its flagship product, Absorb LMS, an industry-leading and award-winning Learning Management System for businesses, higher education, government and non-profit agencies around the world. Learn more at www.absorblms.com, or follow the company on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.