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How Asia-Pacific enterprises can protect and empower past due customers

Asia-Pacific enterprises


This post is authored by Rohan Cook, VP and General Manager, Asia-Pacific, at Symend. Rohan is a technology business leader with 20+ years of experience building and executing in-region and global go-to-market strategies in high growth sectors. Rohan has longstanding experience leading the expansion of enterprise solutions at IBM, Cisco, Verizon and Dell/EMC, and has a broad spectrum of expertise spanning international sales, business development, partner enablement and go-market-strategy for both start-ups and enterprise vendors.

Keep reading to find out why Symend is best-positioned to serve the Asia-Pacific region after recently opening an office in Australia.


Are customers typically met with empathy and understanding from the brands they engage with, or is it a constant struggle to communicate?

Customer needs and circumstances are highly unique and constantly changing. This is massively amplified by unexpected events, like a global pandemic. Internet, mobility and electricity are considered essential services, which means consumers need providers to deliver extraordinary service, stay attuned to their needs and keep them connected with all efforts.

Trust is earnt, and not granted easily – customers need to feel supported through good times and bad. As call centre volumes increase in testing times, the customer experience can suffer. One small slip up that makes a customer feel misunderstood or unexpectedly disconnects them from an essential service results in raising anxiety and ultimately, dissatisfied customers. We are all aware that a broken relationship is very difficult or near impossible to repair.

What can enterprises do to rapidly adapt to changes in consumer behavior?

Before one can truly address the needs of their customers, real insights are required to be built around what resonates and drives action. We find that the key is to generate a deep understanding of your customers before an unexpected event, so you can rapidly identify and respond to changes in behavior, while maintaining an effective, personalized experience. Customer lifetime value goes both ways – trust and respect are built when customers know that they can rely on your brand to consistently deliver outstanding customer service through good times and the tougher times alike.

Why should enterprises consider transforming the way they treat customers they are at-risk of losing?

The volatility of consumer behavior rises considerably during times of uncertainty. Adaptability is the key to consistently delivering on customer expectations and keeping brand integrity at its best. Customers can often be unaware of the many downsides of failing to pay a bill on time and can quickly and easily find their way into trouble. Our lifestyle economy makes it very easy to fall behind with new services rising in popularity, like Afterpay – which in turn, is driving up consumer debt for those seeking to defer payment for purchases of all sizes.

While these services offer increased flexibility and affordability for many, the average consumer may not be aware of the adverse effects of high levels of consumer debt until the situation is beyond their control. In order to truly maximize customer lifetime value, enterprises have a duty of care to extend beyond the purchase decision to ensure that customers are aware of the negative outcomes that result from neglecting past due bills, and impact on their overall financial wellness. That’s where the science of engagement comes in.

How does the science of engagement work to positively engage at-risk customers?

Great engagement starts with a deep understanding of the customer – empathetic engagements empower customers to stay on top of their bills, educate them of the adverse effects of falling behind and, over time, reduce the chance of them falling behind again.

The science of engagement generates deep customer insights using the trifecta of behavioral science, data science and advanced analytics. Symend identifies key variations in customer sentiment and behavior to personalize and optimize interactions based on the unique preferences of the individual. This increases customer satisfaction, lowers operating costs and optimizes the speed at which past due bills are resolved.

Symend’s AI/ML model combines insights from customer interactions, with historical data on actions taken to discover the underlying psychological and behavioral traits that occur. This then helps determine which strategies will positively shape behavior to continuously empower customers to stay on top of their finances.

How will Symend help Asia-Pacific enterprises build lasting and meaningful customer engagements?

With a customer-first approach, Symend helps global enterprises with hundreds, thousands or even millions of customers build long-term, value-based relationships. Symend’s deep customer insights derived from behavioral science, data science and advanced analytics help clients rapidly respond to evolving customer needs and sentiment, empowering them to strategically, thoughtfully and empathetically engage with their customers when they need it most. Empathy guides everything we do and is the key to building strong customer relationships and positive brand sentiment.

By engaging customers with empathetic communications, consumer friendly self-serve tools and flexible repayment options, Symend has helped leading enterprises provide customers with a positive experience in highly uncertain and stressful times.

How does Symend create a positive customer experience at scale?

Symend engages with customers through digital channels like email and SMS, providing self-serve tools and flexible repayment options that put power back in the hands of the customer to engage with their provider based on their individual preferences. This helps reduce inbound call volumes and provides customers with timely engagements that resolve more past due bills, faster which in turn creates capacity for call centres to re-purpose their time to focus on the customer requests and opportunities that matter most.

We also ensure that you don’t miss important changes in customer sentiment. Symend’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) model automatically captures and categorizes sentiment based on provided responses to communication within self-serve tools. Through sentiment analysis and engagement scoring, Symend builds a positive brand experience that extends far beyond those who have fallen behind by driving retention.

Why are enterprises seeking digital transformation solutions now more than ever?

Given the impact of recent economic, social and worldwide events, many enterprises have utilized these changes to increase their investment in digital transformation, which is the key to maintaining an enduring brand. Consumer behavior and sentiment are constantly evolving, and digital transformation equips enterprises with the tools needed to rapidly respond to these changes.

Knowing that compliance and strong governance are paramount, keeping customers connected is crucial during this time whilst staying within established regulations. Symend enables enterprises to stay compliant through creating operational efficiencies with automation and maintaining the highest levels of peace of mind for the customer. Whether you need to hold outreaches on a specific timescale or adhere to service delivery requirements, Symend can adapt to your needs to ensure compliance is always maintained.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1612903687100{background-color: #808285 !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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