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Globalizing Calgary Tech with Technology Calgary

Tiffany Kaminsky & Globalizing Calgary Tech event

November 5, 2020: Symend’s Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Tiffany Kaminsky, joins Technology Calgary’s Globalizing Calgary Tech event on October 15, 2020 to highlight the exceptional technology companies and programs that make up Calgary’s tech ecosystem.

Looking back at Symend’s exponential growth, Tiffany shares her gratitude for the resources that have been accessible to Symend since day one from funding to community programs like Startup Calgary, Technology Calgary and the A100.

Tiffany says that massive steps have been taken by organizations and educational institutions such as the University of Calgary, AltaML, SAIT and University of Alberta to develop the next generation of top tier tech talent with unique skillsets. Recruitment is top of mind for Symend as it seeks to fill 20 open positions across Canada and the US to disrupt the way enterprises engage with at-risk customers.

During the company’s initial discovery phase, Tiffany shares that Symend worked with a local company to ensure a strong product market fit and gain proof points to validate its enterprise software. Equally important were the strong relationships with venture capitalists that helped Symend get to where it is today. Venture capitalists went beyond funding–they were there to support and advise Symend as it moved from a startup to a scaleup business.

To move the needle and establish credibility, Symend’s co-founders used a champion-challenger model to prove how effective its solution was and let the results speak for themselves. Along the way, Symend committed to ongoing iteration and adjustment based on client feedback to further evolve the solution.

Today, Tiffany believes that Calgarians can be part of the movement in elevating Calgary’s tech ecosystem.

“It’s those individuals and organizations who are involved in the local community who are driving things forward, but there is still lots of work to be done,” Tiffany said. “It will take everyone having a unified vision to get to where we want to go.”

Listen to the event to learn more about:

  • Symend’s approach to scaling quickly
  • Symend’s journey into securing local, regional and national clients
  • Verticals Symend focuses on to capture market share
  • What other local technology leaders are saying about the future of Calgary’s ecosystem

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