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From Living in a Refugee Camp to Raising $52M USD for a Startup

Symend’s CEO and Co-Founder, Hanif Joshaghani, joins Alejandro Cremades’s DealMakers Podcast to highlight how Symend’s enterprise software helps build customer engagement and share tips that entrepreneurs should consider before starting a new venture.

Hanif is recognized as a successful entrepreneur who co-founded Symend, accelerated its hypergrowth and raised $52M USD during the COVID-19 pandemic. What many people don’t know is that he came to Canada at the age of 13 to live with a foster family and lived in multiple refugee camps as a kid before actualizing his dreams.

Despite the challenges he faced, he believed in never letting adversity get in the way. Hanif pursued an undergraduate degree at the University of Chicago and an MBA at the University of Toronto, fully funded by scholarships. After becoming an investment banker, he realized he never wanted to be another cog in the machine and soon after discovered that the life of an entrepreneur was for him.

He shares his secret to building a successful venture: Have a solid understanding of the “why” while pursuing an idea that drives a lot of passion. Most importantly, while passion is important, it’s critical that entrepreneurs prioritize their due diligence in researching and validating the feasibility of their idea before attempting to build something.

“The ability to bring it all together is really all reliant on knowing your north star. The ‘why’ that you are so passionate about. This is what will enable you to align people, keep working through the challenges, build a great company culture and reach great heights,” said Hanif.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about:

  • How large telecommunication and financial institutions can better engage financially at-risk customers
  • How Symend’s people-first mentality and enterprise software foster customer retention
  • How Hanif raised $52M USD during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Number one tip to consider before starting a new venture

The DealMakers Podcast features entrepreneurs that have been very successful in raising capital or getting their company acquired.