Who We Are

Our mission is to reduce the incidence of debt delinquency while creating a positive experience for everyone involved in the debt collections process.

"SYM" refers to the symmetrical, fair, and transparent approach we take to bridging the gap between creditors and debtors. "MEND" is the result of repairing and restoring the relationship while mending outstanding delinquent debt.

Symend is led by a passionate FinTech Team and built on the values of respect, knowledge, fairness, and innovation. We believe we can make a profound positive impact on the delinquent debt industry by changing the tools, technology, and tactics used to promote and incentivize debtors to repay outstanding debts.

Why Symend

We believe we can not only create a better outcome for all participants in the initial collections interaction but create better consumers and reduce the incidence of delinquency long-term.

Increasing Debt

US delinquent debt has risen from $150 billion to over $600 billion in the last 5 years

Inefficient Tactics

Current collections tactics are ineffective and only yield a success rate of approximately 7%

Costly Process

Manual processes result in low productivity and bloated staffing

Symend combines automation, predictive analytics, and positive collections tactics.

What We Do

A new software platform aimed at improving the productivity and effectiveness of the collections process using a combination of automation, predictive analytics, and better positive collections tactics.

Increase Collection Rates

Reaching debtors is made easy with comprehensive data mining, relationship management tools, and strategic campaign tactics across all customer channels.

Reduce Collections Costs

Data science and machine learning are at the heart of our predictive platform. Predictive analytics drive smarter workflow recommendations resulting in increased recovery success rates.

Increase Team Productivity

Enable your accounts receivable team to reach more customers through workflow automation. Customer centric treatment options enhance your team’s ability to collect on overdue accounts.

Retain Customers

We know the value of understanding your customers and keeping them happy. Access complete customer profiles and behavioral tracking, while extending payment options and online processing to your clients.

Meet the Team

My passion throughout my career has been partnering with great teams to make great ideas a reality. While I have been involved in many entrepreneurial endeavors in my career, Symend is my proudest endeavor as I believe it represents an intersection between disruption, value creation, and social good.

In addition to my role as CEO of Symend, I am involved as a part owner and advisor in several other technology and finance businesses.

Prior to starting Symend, I co-founded Aimsio Inc and was head of Sales and Business Development. I have 15 years of experience in the areas of capital markets (most recently TD and RBC), energy finance (Capital Power), business development and entrepreneurship (Corewest Capital, Aimsio , and Aligned Capital Partners) in broad range of industries including investment banking, energy, and technology.

My goal is to focus the next stage of my career on technology entrepreneurship, my family, and philanthropy.

Hanif Joshaghani

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Understanding your customers is at the heart of a successful business. Understanding what they need is the key to a valuable product.

I have 10 years of business experience across a variety of industries with expertise in lean operations, business development, and marketing growth.

The technology sector continues to be the focal point of my career. I’ve played a leadership role within both Software as a Service (SaaS) and Automation Solutions organizations (notably TinyEYE Technologies and Streamline Automation).

I am driven by making a difference and cannot wait to see the positive change the Symend team can evoke.

Tiffany Kaminsky

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

It is really hard to build a good product let alone an exceptional one. It takes special people with a lot of dedication.

Throughout my career, I’ve strived to build the best product for my client by using the best people with the best tools I can give them.

With over 25 years of experience and leadership in the industry, I've applied a lean problem solving style to my expertise in building teams, building delivery organizations, software development, product management and business analysis.

 I`ve built multiple startups (Catalyst Realtime, ITForDev, Knelf, DuckLabs), as well as managed large teams and projects at big companies (CGI, EFA) and played my part in a technical role at a myriad of interesting companies (Hyprotech, 3esi, Telvent, TransCanada). 

Joseph King

Chief Technology Officer

The greatest challenge for any finance or accounting professional is to bring this obscure and opaque world into clearer focus for those who are outside of these silos.  The idea is to take accounting data and produce something that is of meaningful value to the business and all of its stakeholders.

 I have been involved in businesses of various sizes and seen the benefits of being small (nibble and responsive) and large (structure and resources).  My career over the last 17 years has allowed me to work in the VP Finance and CFO roles with large public and private companies (Western and Saxon), as well as smaller entities earlier in my career (Total and Enseco).

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work internationally and with cross functional teams in operations, information technology, marketing, supply chain and human resources.  Real progress in moving a company forward happens when you can have an honest and robust exchange of ideas between business leaders from different functional areas.

  My strength is in taking the numbers and providing a real discernable outcome for the business strategy of the organization.  I have dealt with some of the most complex aspects of treasury, forecasting, financial reporting, financial controls and processes, ERP design and implementation, as well as numerous debt and equity financing structures. 

Aly Khan Musani

Chief Financial Officer

Much of the delight in a product is in what people don't see: the effort they didn't expend on a tool to achieve their end goal; the care and attention that went into simplifying a work flow; removing doubt about what to do next. It takes skill to see a product not from the builders point of view, but through the eyes of the users – and an ability to bring an attitude of "beginner’s mind" to the task at hand.

With over 30 years experience as a designer, and a background in journalism and metal-smithing, I've worked to make products delightful and easy to use – from communicating visually to navigating physical and virtual spaces.

I've played leadership design roles at startups (Duck Labs, Knelf, Oz New Media) as well as facilitated interaction and user experience design for many enterprises large and small (Chaordix, Calgary Health Region, Planet Organic).

Kim Johansen

Solution Specialist

Products are measured by the thought the builders put into them.

Throughout my career, I've prided myself on my ability to help stakeholders successfully navigate the challenge of finding technical solutions.

With over 30 years of experience and leadership in the industry, I've applied a rigorous approach to quickly delivering clarity and value in building products and teams.

I've built startups (ITForDev) and worked as a technical leader (Burnt Sand, CGI) on many projects, large and small, in the financial, telecom and resource industries.

Colin Jones

Solution Architect

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